1970 Neve B.C.M. 10 Mixing Console Ad

1970s Ads, Mixing Consoles, Neve, Pro Audio Ads

1975 Neve 8024 Mixing Console Ad

1970s Ads, Mixing Consoles, Neve, Pro Audio Ads

1972 Neve BCM 10/2 Portable Mixing Console Ad

1970s Ads, Mixing Consoles, Neve, Pro Audio Ads

1980 Neve – United Western Studios Ad

1980s Ads, Mixing Consoles, Neve, Pro Audio Ads

1975 Neve 1081 EQ Ad

1970s Ads, Mixing Consoles, Neve, Pro Audio Ads

Neve is a renowned British brand in the professional audio industry, particularly known for its high-quality analog recording consoles and outboard equipment.

  • Founding of Neve Electronics (1961): Rupert Neve, an English electronics engineer and entrepreneur, founded Neve Electronics in 1961. The company initially focused on building high-fidelity audio equipment.
  • Early Consoles and Modules: Neve gained early recognition for its custom-designed mixing consoles and modules. These early products featured transformer-coupled inputs and outputs, contributing to the warm and distinctive sound associated with Neve equipment.
  • The 80 Series Consoles (1970s): Neve became highly influential in the recording industry with the introduction of the 80 Series consoles in the 1970s. These consoles, including models like the 8078, became iconic for their exceptional build quality, innovative design, and the characteristic Neve sound.
  • Classic Modules: Neve modules, such as the 1073 preamp/EQ and the 1081 EQ, became industry standards and are still highly sought after today. The 1073, in particular, is celebrated for its warm and colorful sound, and it remains one of the most revered preamp designs in the history of audio recording.
  • AMS Neve Merger (1985): In 1985, Neve Electronics faced financial difficulties and went into bankruptcy. It was subsequently merged with Advanced Music Systems (AMS), a digital audio equipment manufacturer. The merged company became AMS Neve.
  • AMS Neve Digital Consoles: The merger with AMS led to the development of digital consoles and outboard gear under the AMS Neve brand. Neve’s analog heritage was combined with modern digital technology to create consoles that retained the signature Neve sound while incorporating digital capabilities.
  • AMS Neve Today: AMS Neve has continued to evolve its product line, incorporating digital technology into its consoles and outboard gear. The company offers a range of analog and digital recording consoles, preamplifiers, equalizers, and signal processing equipment.
  • Heritage and Legacy: Neve consoles and equipment are known for their exceptional build quality, sonic characteristics, and the company’s commitment to craftsmanship. The Neve brand is associated with some of the most iconic recordings in the history of music.
  • Rupert Neve Designs (2005): In 2005, Rupert Neve founded Rupert Neve Designs, a separate company that focuses on producing high-end audio equipment. This company continues the tradition of Rupert Neve’s commitment to audio quality and innovation.

Despite changes in ownership and the integration of digital technology, Neve’s legacy lives on, and its analog consoles and modules remain highly coveted by audio professionals seeking the distinctive warmth and character associated with the brand.

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