1970 Altec The Professionals Ad

The Professionals.

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Bill Bell is known as “The Ear? He’s the owner of Bell Sound Studios, Holly-wood. Bill does commercials, some of the best. You’ve heard a lot of them. He orchestrates each one, every element of sound from the soft spoken solo voice of Marvin Miller to the high dB blare of acid rock.

Bill’s fussy about sound, and so are his engineers. So are the advertising agency production men, the creative people and the account executives. If you’re going to take three or more hours to get the right sound in sixty seconds of commercial, you want to make sure the sound is the best possible.

So, as a starter, Bill uses Altec “The Voice of the Theatre*S speaker systems, sixteen of them. And in his custom consoles, Bill Bell also uses Altec audio controls. Again, because he thinks they’re the best. After over thirty years of developing sound systems for the broadcast and motion picture industries, that’s a nice reputation for Altec to have.