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Bob Heil – Touring Sound Pioneer
(The Who US Tour PA 1971-74)

Bob’s contributions and inventions helped define the embryonic rock and roll production industry and ultimately landed him an exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Kenton Forsythe – EAW the Early Days

Kenton Forsythe & Ken Berger, the co-founders of Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW), discuss the evolution of rock and roll sound systems and the evolution of the modern professional concert sound industry

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Jazz Performance Venues
Ali Jackson & Sam Berkow

Ali Jackson (Award-winning Master Jazz Musician, Drummer, Composer, Arranger, Educator and Producer) talks with Sam & Ken – Is This Shit Swinging’?

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Sam Berkow (Part 3)
The Development of Smaart

A legend in the Pro Audio industry with extensive audio measurement and acoustical design experience.

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 Welcome System Designers & Mixing Engineers

Whether you’re building a massive campus audio system or mixing a clean, corporate punk rock gig. . .
AboutProSound has your ass covered.

AboutProSound is not part of any product company or business; instead, it is a group of experienced professionals’ passion project. Overtime we hope to build an online community of audio professionals and invite all to participate in further content production.
We are focused on expanding the exchange of knowledge — including the technology, trends, history, and people who make up our industry.
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Sound History Included FREE!

Learn from the past, so you don’t have to re-live it. For example, it’s rather remarkable to learn who and how the calculation for absorption coefficient was ascertained. FREE, with most APS videos all kinds of sound and audio history.

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Some classic videos

Josh’s original teaser video fro AboutProSound

Sound Stuff is Cool (Josh “Modo” thinks you should think so)

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Bringing you up to speed on Ken Berger

kpb Industry Drivers

From few years ago by our friends at Pro AVL Central

Speeding you up on Josh “Modo” Cruz from our friends at VUE

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