1974 Neumann Son of U47 Microphone Ad

Son of U47

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It looks a lot like the old man.
What a mike he was. What presence. What a shame he had to go.
From 1947 to 1960, the U 47 revolutionized the recording and broadcasting industries.
And now his kid has arrived on the scene.
The U 47 fet.
Its subjective quality is unchanged because its head enclosure is just as it was twentv-five years ago. (You see, it’s primarily the shape of the grille that gives a microphone its unique sound and the demand for the U 47’s distinctive sound has never slackened.)
What’s new about the U 47 fet? Everything that
1972’s state-of-the-art makes possible-op amps and all! It is protected against wind and pop interference. Its capsule is elastically mounted to isolate it from mechanical shock disturbances.
The U 47 fet features both a 10 B overload protection switch at the input of its internal electronics and a 6 dB switchable output pad to permit matching to highly sensitive microphone input circuits. A low-frequency roll-off is provided by a third switch. It goes without saying that the U 47 fet features compatible “Phantom*® powering. But it’s hard to believe that it has a dynamic range of 136 dB, as compared to the old man’s 86 dB. That’s 50 dB wider!
The result: a great new microphone that adds lustre to a great old reputation.
The old man would have been proud.