1974 Tycobrahe MXL 24-4 Console Ad

After 7 Years of Providing Concert Sound Reinforcement for the World’s Major Groups, Tycobrahe Creates the Mixing Link

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Tycobrahe’s MXL 24-4. A 24-channel in. 4 out. Portable Mixer (weighs only 85 Ibs.!)
Designed for the ultimate in live sound reinforcement this remarkable board has 3 Stereo Submasters. 2 Monitor Busses. 9 Frequency EQ on all 24 input channels. and Dual-Band Limiters on the main channels.
Orders for the MXL are now being taken. Call or write for complete specs and prices.
The Tucobrahe MXL 24(-4)
Perhaps the World’s most practical and reliable 24-channel mixer.