1975 Bose 800 & 1800 Dead Ad

Has your sound system reached the hight of absurdity?

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Don’t get us wrong. We’re great fans of the Grateful Dead.
But just look at their bank of equipment.
It’s getting to the stage where it takes a fleet of pantechnicons to transport it.
And scaffolding to erect it.
And whether you’re an established band or just getting it together, things won’t get any lighter with ordinary equipment.
Enter Bose.
We arrived on the American scene in ’71. And already, many of their bands have got rid of their old gear in favour of ours.
Because Bose amps and speakers are small and light. (You don’t need to be a muscle-bound roadie to lift our 43lb speakers or our 80lb amps.)
But incredibly. Bose 800 speakers and 1800 amps give a quality and volume no ordinary system can achieve.
(It only takes eight pairs of our speakers to fill a 20.000 seat sports arena with sound.)
So when, for instance, James Last plays an open-air concert, he doesn’t ask for Bose equipment. Heinsists on it.