1975 Wurlitzer’s Boston Dealer Wurlitzerite Ad

And here’s another Wurlitzerite

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Bob Lynch “Cool Cat”
We got all kinds – help
that is, and if you’ve been having a hectic day and don’t need anymore guff come on in and see Bob Lynch. He’s our “Cool Cat”!
Calm. cool and inscrutable
Bob Lynch is knowledgeable be it guitars, amps, effects pedals and especially steel guitars. A steel guitar is one played with a steel bar not one which one rips off! And our Bob Lynch is a competent “pro” guitarist if you have gigs in mind. You can always butter up Bob with a long Bracilian cheroot – he’ll uncool one degree. So – for a refreshing change of pace drop in for your musical needs and enjoy a long, tall cool one
– Bob Lynch.