1976 Crown DC-300A Ad

If there’s one thing you need in commercial sound components, it’s reliability.
Consider this.

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Consider this.
We believe the Crown DC-300A amplifier to be so carefully crafted, so well-designed, and so thoroughly inspected, that for three years after purchase, if it doesn’t work as specified, we will replace any defective part at no cost to you. We will also pay U.S. round-trip shipping costs (the DC-300A weighs 55 pounds) on units requiring service.
It should be obvious that we can offer such a warranty only because we have convinced ourselves that you probably won’t need it. Crown builds the DC-300A to work – and to keep on working. It is reliable.
Consider further the output protection built into the
DC-300A. Shorts, mismatches, open loads, all have no effect on the DC-300A. The amplifier will even drive totally reactive loads without damaging itself. Massive black-anodized heat sinks are thermally joined with the chassis to utilize the entire amplifier for efficient heat dissipation.
The Crown DC-300A could easily be the most reliable, service-free major component in any sound system.
But there are other good reasons for specifying the DC-300A.