1976 Gauss Loudspeaker Ad

Quality. Backed by a five-year guarantee.

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This cutaway view of a Gauss precision loudspeaker from Cetec Audio tells you a lot. Note the unique double spider (1) supporting the voice coil. It’s designed to keep the voice coil wire (2) perfectly centered inside. Even under the most demanding applications. All the way up to 200 watts of continuous sine wave power. Because our unique design features a heat sink on the coil to dissipate the heat.
These are just two of the things that allow us to offer a five-year repair or replacement guarantee on every Gauss loudspeaker we build. But our guarantee wouldn’t mean much to you if our sound reproduction wasn’t superb.
We’ll leave that judgement to your ear. Go see your Gauss loudspeaker dealer. Put Gauss loudspeakers up against anything you’ve ever heard. Then, plan a concert… instead of a blowout.