1977 Ampex MM-1200 Tape Recorder Ad

Sometime before the sun comes up, you’ll learn to love your MIM-1200.

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Ampex gives you a lot of reasons to buy an MM-1200 multichannel audio recorder: capacity. fidelity. flexibility and reliability.
The performance specifications alone have made this the best seller amony professional multitrack recorders.
But vou’ll find vour own reasons for loving the MM-1200 you buy.
Some morning, after a night of sessions that dragged through the wee hours, you’re going to realize just how many MM-1200 features you used to keep things moving.
How you used the electronic tape timer, plus search-to-cue. to save precious minutes of time. How you used the quick-change head feature to switch back and forth between 8. 16 and 24 track work. The ease with which you employed the optional accessories such as the pure video layback head, synchronizer and variable speed oscillator to finish the audio portion of a video production.
The same professional drive for perfection that kept you going, kept our engineers working to refine an already-respected design.
That’s why vou see so many MM-1200s in professional recording studios. Sooner
or later, before the sun comes up. everybody learns to love an MM-1200.