1978 Lexicon Prime Time DDL Ad

Prime Time Digital Delay Processor
professional quality delay plus special effects

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Lexicon’s new Model 93 “‘Prime Time” digital delay processor gives recording studios and entertainers an easy-to use professional quality time delay wirh special effects and convenien mixina all ar a price you can afford. It combines a degree of flexibility and versariliry never before offered in equipment of full professional qualiry.

• Two deloy outputs independently adiustable from 0 to 256 ms
• Complete mixing for delay and revert processing, free ing up main console channels and tape tracks
• Integral VCO for special effects like vibraro, doppler pitch shift, flanging and auromaric double and triple tracking
• Long delay special effects – up to 2 seconds
• All domic functions can be foorswirch conrolled
• 90 dB dynamic range, toral distortion below C.08% or all delay settings