1978 Shure David Hewitt SM81 Ad

“I never thought such a rugged microphone could sound this great”!
Record Plant — Studios, N.Y.C.

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David Hewitt — Director of Remote Recording
“When we record a live concert, we have just one chance to get every bit of music on tape… perfectly. That’s why it’s essential that every piece of equipment give outstanding performance, even in unpredictable situations that result in equipment being called upon to serve above and beyond the call of duty.
“Our mobile units follow a string of one-nighters from New York to California, with setup and take-downs every step of the way. There isn’t a microphone in the world that’s too rugged for that kind of assignment.
The Shure SM81 has proven itself time and time again as an incredibly reliable condenser microphone. In fact, we once accidentally dragged an SM81 over 400 feet on a wire catwalk… and it still performed perfectly!