1978 TAD Beryllium Compression Driver Ad


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The new one-inch TAD driver is truly unique. There is nothing else like it.
Use it with your favorite horn and you’ll get a frequency response from 800 to
22.000 Hz. So one speaker does the same job it used to take both a tweeter and super-tweeter to do. Saves weight.
And money.
The secret is the TAD driver’s beryllium diaphragm.
The diaphragm is the heart of a driver.
It must be both light yet rigid. We used beryllium to achieve a standard of performance never before known to the professional. Every single tone – no matter how subtle or how complex – is captured and reproduced just the way it is played or recorded. The resulting sound is a revelation.
The quality of both parts and workman-ship, plus the same care in assembly given a fine watch, makes the TAD driver a new standard for the entire industry.
It allows the driver to reproduce fre. quencies up to 22,000 Hz without any major drop-off in response and permits it to withstand high input power.
If your job involves professional sound reproduction – on stage, in concert halls, in clubs or studios – you have an obligation to voursel- to hear this remarkable driver.
With the arrival of the TAD driver the state of the art just took a quantum leap.