1978 Whirlwind Cable Ad

A Tip from the Experts

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For years, everybody thought that connectors were about as basic as you could get- so nobody improved them. Then along came Whirlwind. We recognized the musicians’ needs for high-quality, rugged and and noiseless cords that lived up to their guarantees, and so we started designing our own cords, having them manufactured by Belden, and selling them to you.
Now our designers have recognized another need in connectors that no one has bothered to think about before – ¼” phone plugs. We went beyond the “standard., constructing a plug that exceeds the positive contact properties of the
“military” or “computer” plug, by using a new, stainless-steel diamond-shaped tip, and then designed a tougher strain relief system and outer shell, to make the plug virtually indestructible.
We call it the Tip. It’s a phone plug that’s designed from scratch to combine the most secure strain relief available with a reliable contact-making diamond-shaped tip. The Tip looks just like a “military” plug, with – a high-impact, shatterproof black housing, brass body- but its stainless steel tip is an instant giveaway. A double strain relief system and simplified soldering arrangement complete the picture, to provide you with the most secure phone plug there is.
The Tip – sure it’s not big; but we got big by caring about the little things. Only at – authorized Whirlwind dealers.
Another Whirlwind exclusive.