1979 Bose 802 Take me to your leader Ad

Take me to your leader.

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Your leader needs me to perform with him.
I know.
I can am a Bose Model 802 Loudspeaker.
I am the product of an advanced technological society.
The beings who designed me thought of everything.
I can be hung, cradled. placed on a stand or stacked with others of my kind.
I can imitate the sounds of your musical instruments precisely.
I can sound like a piano, or a guitar, or even like the cylinders you call drums.
I can sound more like your voices than any of my primtive relatives.
Place me with a few of my clones. and we canbe heard by multitudes.
I am virtually indestructible, but also extremely light and compact.
The beings who fabricated me are continuously making clones of me, so we may one day populate the galaxy, accompanying sars and the rising comets destined to become stars.
Do not hesitate.
Take me to your leader.