1999 EAW Phased PointSource™ TECHNOLOGY AD

tech•nol•o•gy n 2: applied science
Phased PointSource™ TECHNOLOGY

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One musician plays acoustic guitar and sings into microphones less than 20 feet below a loudspeaker array reproducing those sounds at over 140 dB (@ 1m). 600 feet away, listeners hear the guitar pick on the steel strings, the string scraping across the steel fret as the string is bent. There’s no feedback. The musician doesn’t even use a foldback monitor.
Except where the upper tier shadows the lower, just 25 enclosures cover the entire 80,000 seat stadium. A successful world championship track meet at the facility helps the city reclaim its Olympic heritage, securing the
2008 Summer Olympic Games.
1.2 million men converge on the nation’s capital in an expression of spiritual solidarity. An audience area measured in square miles is covered with a consistent, even sound pressure level. Not one person complains.
Is this audio fantasy? No. This is Phased PointSource Technology solving real problems.