1979 Whirlwind Medusa Snake Ad

Whirlwind’s Medusa helps fight spaghetti.

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If you do music professionally, you can appreciate the importance of getting your equipment together, as well as your act. At Whirlwind, we know what this means because we’ve been through it for many years. As a solution to many of the problems resulting from multiple-wiring situations, we have designed a line of multiple cable systems, or “snakes,” called Whirlwind Medusas.
They are among the most highly respected systems in the world for their ruggedness, reliability, and their ability to pass noise free signal consistently for years and years.
Medusas feature cast steel boxes, riveted chassis mounted jacks, and wire mesh strain reliefs. They are available in nine basic configurations or custom wired to your specs. We provide many options including Medusa Wheels, Road Cases, Ribbon Connectors (for easy detachment and added flexibility), and Split Audio Feeds (for stage monitor mix or remote recording). If you’ve got a special job we’ll build you a custom Medusa.
Many of today’s top touring acts and recording studios have chosen Medusas
Whirlwind also manufactures a complete line of Instrument Cords, Mic Cords, Speaker Load Protection Systems, Speaker Cordsets, Cable ties, AC Cords, Stage Tape and an assortment of the world’s finest connectors.