1980 Crest Amp Ad

We’ve kept a low profile.
We’re Crest Audio.

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We make the world’s best professional power amplifiers.
Last year we introduced our P-3500 series low profile amplifiers. Delivering 250 watts per channel into an 8 ohm load and standing just 3½” high, the P-3500 was an immediate winner.
The P-3500 quickly proved itself on major concert tours. It’s been put to the test in huge stadiums, small clubs and recording studios. And it’s passed every test with rave reviews.
Because the P-3500 isn’t just “another” amp. It’s a demonstrably better amp. Aside from it’s flawless sonic qualities, it has a unique combination of design and engineering features that leave it unrivaled in the world of professional amplifiers. Quite simply, it’s the best pro amp in its class.
Success breeds success.
Introducing the newest addition to the Crest line:
The P-2500 Series professional amplifiers. Thev’re virtually identical to the P-3500 Series with two notable exceptions: Lower power rating and a lower price tag.
Otherwise, they’ve inherited the same low profile, flawless sound, smart features and rugged reliability of our P-3500 Series. The P-2500 Series is now the best professional amplifier in its class.
Our low profile.
All the Crest amps pack their power into a rack mountable package standing just 3½” tall. That’s ½ the height of conventional amps.
And that saves a lot of rack space. Compared to conventional amps of comparable power, Crest amps give you the same power output while using just ½ the vertical rack space.
Our sound.
You can’t buy better sound. It’s solid. Tight. Incredibly clean. Undeniably accurate.
It’s what we put into our amps that accounts for what cores out.
For example, we utilize Bi FET operational amplifiers coupled with 10 high speed output transistors per channel.
Our dual independent, semi-toridial 1000 watt transformers keep the bottom end tight, deep and accurate while providing miles of reliable headroom. They also virtually eliminate crossralk.
Features that make sense.
Crest amps incorporate features that make vour life a whole lot easier. Like built-in circuit breakers. Massive channeled heat sinks with forced air cooling. A special safeguard detection system that protects against thermal overload and dangerously high DC voltage levels. Turn on delay. External balanced in-put circuitry. Easy to read LED VU meters. And a totally modular electronic design.
Toughest amps in the business.
Crest amps are practically bomb proof. Inside, everything’s snug and tight, securely attached to the protective 16 gauge steel chassis. Although Crest amps are sophisticated, state-of-the-art electronic systems, fragile they are not. Check us out.