1980 EV con’•stãnt di•rec•tiv’i•ty Horns Ad

con’•stãnt di•rec•tiv’i•ty
The characteristic of a horn that directs all of the frequencies where you want them to go.

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Most horns offer some control of the sound pattern they produce. The problem is that frequencies at the center of the pattern are different from those at the edges.
Unless you use HR Constant Directivity horns, that’s the problem you’ll have. To the audience this means unintelligible, too bright, too dull, and sometimes just plain bad sound at many seats.
These patented’ HR Constant Directivity horns from Electro-Voice provide full-range frequency coverage and effectiveness of pattern control unheard of before E-V engineers developed this unique design concept.
Demand for the “white horns” has grown dramatically- almost completely by word-of-mouth. Once a sound engineer, musician or facility owner hears the difference HR Constant Directivity makes, a new demand is created.
Ask someone who has used or heard them, or buy a pair and try them your self. You’ll probably hear that HR horns are so clearly superior that other choices are obsolete.