1980 UREI 501 Ub-Sonic Processor Ad

Model 501 Sub-Sonic Processor.
Saves Speakers • Saves Power • Solves Problems

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Ever watch the bass speaker cones in a typical disco system or studio monitor try to jump out of their baskets? Most of these excessive excursions which ruin speakers and rob amplifier power are sub-sonic – can’t be heard. UREl’s Model 50.1 two channel Sub•Sonic Processor saves speakers and amplifiers by greatly attenuating frequencies below the audible range – the culprits which cause those great cone movements. Turntable rumble, warped records, acoustic coupling of turntables to speakers and wind blast in microphones no longer need distort your programs or put you out of business for repairs. Especially when the dual 501 costs about what you’d spend on one speaker reconing.
The 501 has a two-position response switch: (1) “FLAT”, – 3 dB at 30 Hz and down more than 50 dB at 5 Hz, 18 dB per octave; (2) “BOOST”, which actually enhances LF response, by boosting 5 dB at 40 Hz, but is down 3 dB at 27 Hz and more than 40 dB at 5 Hz. . . also 18 dB per octave.
The mighty mite dual-channel 501 comes with its own minuscule power supply for direct plug in to mains.
Save your speakers and power – solve your sub sonic prob lems with 501’s from your UREI dealer.