1980 UREI 537 Graphic EQ Ad

Model 537
The Extra Quiet EQualizer with EQuality (of course!)

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The Model 537 Graphic Equalizer is our new Extra Quiet EQualizer with EQuality (of course!). Signal to noise is better than 110 dB at maximum. output (greater than 20 b over its predecessor 527-A) thanks to newest active circuitry and components.
The 537 provides 12 dB of boost or cut at each of its 27 frequencies which are centered at ISO ⅓-octave increments from 40 Hz to 16 kHz. Input capability of + 20 dm and output of + 24 dBm with excellent noise figure, gives it exceptional dynamic range. The 537’s 27 filters are active, minimum phase L.C networks that combine for minimum ripple and phase shift when used in combination. Adjustable front panel control gives up to 20 dB gain. Completely self-contained with a regulated power supply.
Why don’t you Quietly slip out and see the 537 at your URI dealer today!