1981 JBL 2441 Compression Driver Ad

This is not the only reason to buy JBL’s new 2441 compression driver.

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As you can see from this frequency response curve, the new JBL, 2441 delivers impressive levels of perfor-mance. From extended bandwidth to high sensitivity and smooth, peak-free response.
But as important as these performance parameters are, theyre only part of the story. Using the latest laser holography and computer analysis techniques, JBL engineers have developed a unique diaphragm design that allows the 2441 to match its outstanding response with unprecedented reliability and power capacity. That means you get exceptionally high performance without the trade-offs found in previous driver designs.
The secret behind this increased performance lies in the diaphragm’s three-dimensional, diamond-pattern surround! As outlined in a paper published in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society* this surround is both stronger and more flexible than conventional designs. This permits the diaphragm to combine all the traditional reliability and power capacity benefits of its aluminum construction with the extended frequency response of more exotic metals.
It also maintains consistent diaphragm control throughout the driver’s usable frequency range to eliminate uncontrolled response peaks.
Additionally, each 2441 is built to JBLs exacting standards. The magnetic assembly is machined from rugged cast iron and steel. Extremely tight machining tolerances and hand tolerance matching maintain unit to unit consistency. And finally, each 2441 is individually tested to ensure that it meets published specifications.