1981 JBL Cabaret Series Ad

The JBL Cabaret Series. For every stage in your career.

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For years, musicians have played the great equipment exchange game. You know how it goes. Buy a great sound system and then you outgrow it. So the old system is traded in on a new one. Then another. And another. It can be frustrating -and expensive.
At JBL we have an alternative for you. We call it our Cabaret Series, and it includes some of the most advanced compact musical sound systems you’ll find anywhere. Systems with the performance and versatility to grow right along with you.
The secret behind the Cabaret Series’ versa tility lies in its modular design. Each system is engineered to mate perfectly with other Cabaret systems, so additional Cabaret products can be added as your performance requirements increase.
Start out, for instance, with a pair of 4680 Line Arrays. When your jobs get bigger, add some 4625 hass units and you’ll have a three-way, bi-amped svstem that can cover up to 800 people. Keep adding and you can build all the way up to a massive four-way, tri-amped concert system, without ever having to accept an insulting trade-in offer for your old system.
Of course it takes a lot more than just versatility to make you want to keep any sound system. It also takes performance and durability. So «eve built our Cabaret System around JBL E Series musical instrument loudspeakers.
Speakers that are known around the world for their remarkable efficiency, reliability, and power capacitv. And we’ve housed these components in optimally tuned enclosures crafted from architecturally braced, 3/4 inch, multi-laminate, cross-grain hardwood. It’s simply the most rugged material available for the job Naturally, the only way you’ll know if the Cabaret Series systems are really for you is to hear them for yourself. So ask your JBL dealer for a demonstration. Hell help you design the sound system that’s perfect for every stage in your career.