1985 Gauss Loudspeaker Ad

Blow Their Socks Off With Gauss Efficiency

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All Gauss loudspeakers are designed to give you high conversion efficiency. A fancy way of saying they give you more power per watt. . . so you get the sound pressure you want with a smaller number of cabinets and amplifiers. You don’t have to lose your socks to pay for all sound!
Gauss speakers are also built to be the world’s most reliable loudspeakers. Our exclusive double spider construction and our ten minute torture test on every Gauss loudspeaker assure you of that. So, you know they will keep knocking your audiences’ socks off for years after you buv them.
There’s a Gauss loudspeaker to fit every professional need from 10″… to an 18″ that handles 400 watts ..to our 200 watt coaxial designed to knock the socks off recording engineers.