1986 Turbosound TurboMid Ad


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We weren’t searching for a new look when we developed the design principles embodied in Turbosound reinforcement modules. We were simply looking for a better method of repro-ducing the dynamic range, frequency spectrum and transient attack of live music.
The Turbo (not just a phasing plug) in our TurboMid” device is the most identifiable result of our efforts, which is one reason why we’re seeing so many imita-tions these days. But the design developments that produce the patently superior sound performance of every Turbosound full range en-closure are the elements you can’t see.
Tacking a simple phasing plug onto an obsolete design, for example, does not magically endow a speaker system with the ability to repro-duce a seamless midrange from 250 to 3700 Hz, or to project sound further and more accurately. That kind of performance results only when our proprietary 10″ driver, exponential horn and Turbo, all designed on Turbosound principles”* function as an integral system – the TurboMid” device.