1987 Turbosound V-2 Manifold Ad

We don’t mind looking a bit ridiculous if it helps make live sound sublime.

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Engineering live sound means solving a multitude of “impossible” problems.
Every audience – and every artist – expects great sound. Unfortunately, venues rarely cooperate with those expectations. Fortunately, Turbosound goes to any lengths to develop effective solutions to sound reinforcement problems – even when that entails a total reexamination of fundamental principles.
Our determined refusal to rehash the conventions of enclosure design has led us to develop several patented design principles. And to produce unusual-looking loading techniques like our unrivaled TurboMid™’ and TurboBass™ devices. Our search for a solution to the dilemmas of HF projection and distortion has now produced the radically advanced V Series.
V Series combines aspects of manifold technology with Turbosound loading techniques to blend the outputs of multiple drivers gradually, minimizing phase cancellation. The first realization of the V Series principle is the V-2 shown here. Available initially for the T3 flare in our world-travelling TMS-3 full-range enclosure, this central focussing device couples two custom-built I” drivers. It extends the TMS-3’s HF response to a true -3 dB at 20 KHz, reduces harmonic distortion dramatically and paves the way for the soon-to-be-released UHQ system, incorporating Turbosound Flashlight technology.
The V-2 also solves “impossible” problems of intelligibility without artificial electronic enhancement or extraneous ultra-HF devices. It transmits every nuance of the performance to every seat in the house. And makes live sound more “lifelike” than it’s ever been.
Finally, we’d like to point out one more important fact about this unique advance in professional audio performance – the ridiculous looking part goes inside the box.