1988 Apogee Sound Bruce Burns Ad

Bruce Burns:
“Finally… I found a speaker system that delivers real power with a smooth, natural high end.”

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Burns Audio won the 1987 ProSound News “Sound Reinforcement Award, Festival Category,” for Liberty Island ceremonies Other credits include: “We the People..” the Barbra Streisand HBO Special, Happy Birthday Hollywood and the Emmies.
“With other processor based systems, I can hear the processor. And high power meant harsh high end. But not with Apogee.”
Bruce Burns discovered that, individually, the Apogee AE-5 speakers give him both high power and high fidelity. Adding additional trapezoidal cabinets produces a dramatic array.
The Apogee two channel electronically coupled system has a fixed crossover point and sonically transparent limiters. Apogee is the onlv manufacturer who offers a compact, road version processor with input and output connectors on the front panel of the unit for quick installation and removal.