1988 Apogee Sound Democratic Convention Ad

If you want them to listen, use a sound system they can hear.

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“What could be worse than a political convention with a bad sound system?
The Omni was a very difficult hall, and the sound system was one of my biggest concerns. But I needn’t have worried. The sound was great.
Don Fowler – Executive Officer – Democratic National Convention Committee
“Few people realize how complicated sound requirements are for a political convention. The Apogee sound system
Burns Audio provided was one of the best systems we’ve ever heard.”
Gary Smith – Smith-Hemlon Productions – Producer – Democratic National Convention
“If delegates at a political convention cannot hear the speaker, they’ll listen to their neighbor. At the democratic convention ’88 they heard soft-spoken Michael Dukakis loud and clear on an Apogee speaker system we installed for power and coverage.”
Bruce Burns – Burns Audio
One of the ressons Apogee speakers were selected for use at the Democratic convention is their ability to provide powerful, articulate sound whether the source is voice or music.
Because all eight of our speaker systems are designed as a family, they will work together. As you walk through the fleld of coverage there is minimal change in the natural tonal qualities of the sound.
This means you can select one speaker for the main public address and another for front-fill, rear-fill or as a stage monitor and enjoy the same clear, accurate sound throurhout the house.
The speakers and attendant processors are designed to work together right from the start. There is no need to match different drivers to different boxes and then combine them with electronics from different manufacturers and then still have to figure out how to hang them.
An Apogee electronically coupled speaker gives you a head start. Our systems already include optimal equalization for the cabinets, time domain alignment networks and driver protection circuitry, along with advanced crossover technology for bi and tri amplification.
And forget about “hearing the processor.” Our fixed crossover points and our advanced protective limiter circuits are sonically transparent.
To learn more about the powerful, compact speaker gystems from Aporee Sound, ask us for a complete literature packet or call your nearest Apogee dealer.