1989 Servodrive Robert Scovill Subwoofer Ad

“Moving a large mass of air accurately is what I expect from a subwoofer system. It’s obvious to me Intersonics designs their subwoofers with that very thought in mind.
With a band the caliber of Def Leppard, nothing but ServoDrive would cut it.”
Robert Scovill, Sound Engineer/Mixer

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Moving a large volume of air accurately is exactly what we had in mind when we designed the servomotor driven subwoofer.
Because of our expertise in high intensity acoustics, we recognized that the basic voice coil design had inherent limitations when large excursions and forces were desired. This realization lead us to develop a new and fundamentally different transducer system, the patented ServoDrive loudspeaker (SDL)
The servomotor permits a linear excursion limited only by the radiator suspension, and delivers forces far exceeding those of a voice coil. As a result the SDL’s, can produce more acoustic power. to lower frequencies, than would be possible for a similar sized voice coil subwoofer system.
Further, he SDL’s produce less harmonic distortion at twice rated power than most conventional systems do at a small fraction of their rated power!