1991 Digidesign SampleCell Ad

More Than Meets the Ear

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When you buy Sample (el,” you get more than a professional 16 bit sample player.

Sure, you get a custom 630 megabyte CDROM full of high quality, ready to use sounds. And our Sample(ell Editor” and Sound Designer* II SC software for managing those sounds with unprecedented ease.

Sample(ell is the heart of an integrated digital oudio workstation.
But more importantly, you get the power and convenience of an integrated digital
audio workstation. A workstation thot not only lets vou make better music, but lets you make music better. Faster. With less hassle and more inspiration And more creative options, too.

Samole (ell is iust one piece of on expandable audio production system for the Macintosh® |I computer that can include sample playback, power sequencing, and digital audio recording. It’s the kind of integrated workstation that you’ve always wonted, but could never afford until now.

SampleCell -it’s not just another sampler, it’s the shape of things to come.