1991 Midas XL3 Console Ad

Total versatility with the Midas touch 

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To get full house and monitor capabilitics from one console. you’d expect to make a lew compromises.
Not so with the Midas XL3.
Midas and Klark-Teknik’s designers have achieved a new kind of versatility with a desk engineered equally for live sound, theatre and broadcast.
The secret is in its sheer flexibility.
For each nput channel, no less than 18 sends can be individually routed to 16 lader controlled outputs which function cither as sub groups or aux send masters assignable via 2 VCA output groups into stereo masters. In addition, any input can be assigned directly to stereo masters and 8 VCA sub groups. Thats why the XL3 is the only con:ole that can give you a 40 channel front of house mix one night and 40/18 channels of monitor mix the next.
Add to this outstanding versatility. a crystal clear. logical control surface. plus Klark-Teknik’s renowned clectronic design and the result is a console with superb sonic performance that’s pure joy for the engincer.