Altec 8050A RTA Data (c1971)

The Altec 8050A Real Time Audio Analyzer is an engineering achievement in the precision instrument field. Its performance is similar or equal to instruments costing three times greater and it proudly bears the ALTEC name, the hallmark of quality . Its low price makes it available to every audio professional.
The ALTEC 8050A offers fast and accurate visual reference to obtain spectrum loudness and balance information of the acoustic system, making it a superb addition to the recording studio. Its broad application ranges from high fidelity dealers (who may use it to demonstrate frequency response of micro- phones and speakers as well as electronic components in a total system) to broadcast stations, auditoriums, legitimate theatres, traveling road shows and by sound stage engineers. Anyone involved in high quality sound will find the Model 8050A indispensable.

Link for PDF: Altec 8050A RTA Data (c1971)