EAW MR-109CT Mid-Bass Horn & B212CT Bass Horn (c1979)

BH-800LR Bent Bass Horn Reproducer & MR-102-LR Horn Loaded Mid-Bass Reproducer
Data Sheet (c1979)

The combination of the B-212CT bass reproducer and the MR-109CT lower midrange reproducer forms the basis for a sound reinforcement stack that delivers extremely high sound quality at high SPL. This combo, when complernented by suitable high frequency transducers, reproduces concert sound with exceptionally wide dispersion and freedom from audible distortion.
Drivers are built to withstand continuous use at high average power inputs without overheating. When operated within the units’ specifications, field failures are virtually unknown,
making it unnecessary to haul spares around on location.
Cabinet design has been optimized to accommodate the need for quick set-up and tear-down, minin1un1 visual blockage of the stage, and maximum usable life. Only the highest quality materials and techniques are used in these components, resulting in a product whose performance could not be audibly improved irrespective of price.
Primary application is for multiple use in stacks for indoor and outdoor concert sound reinforcement where it is necessary to provide the maximum amount of sound from a mini1num of frontal area. These units have a high acoustical output per unit of weight, and may be flown where sight line requirements prevent a conventional stacking configuration.

Link for PDF: EAW MR-109CT Mid-Bass Horn & B212CT Bass Horn Data Sheet (c1979)