EAW Nightclubs Application Guide

Eastern Acoustic Works Application Guide: Nightclubs

This is the second installment in the Eastern Acoustic Works Application Support Guide series. The goal of this series is to offer concise, accurate guidance on the application EAW loudspeaker products for specific applications.

No general handbook can address every situation you might encounter or realistically cover the full range of options available. Working with the most commonly employed design concepts, we discuss the pros and cons of each option, and suggest a range of EAW products that could be applied to each design.

This chapter will focus on nightclubs, sports bars, and other similar entertainment venues from the intimate nightclub to the extravagant multi-level dance mega-club. As with each facility type this one presents its own unique set of challenges and problems for the sound system designer/installer. EAW’s goal, for this and all other application types, is to provide the designer with a comprehensive set of tools that solve specific application problems and let you deliver excellent sound to each and every job you do.

Link to PDF: EAW Nightclubs Application Guide 1999