EAW RCF N681 High Tech Compression Driver (c1988)

EAW RCF N252 High Tech Compression Tweeter (c1985)

• Exceptionally High Output Capabilities of 129.5 dB SPL results from the N681K’s high conver- sion efficiency combined with its excellent power handling.
• Titanium Diaphragm And Surround offers extended high frequency response without sacrificing power handling for high definition sonic perform- ance combined with unmatched reliability.
• High Technology Voice Coil Assembly utilizing a KaptonTM former for maximum thermal capabilities to eliminate assembly fatiguing resulting in total freedom from coil/ gap misalignment.

Link for PDF: EAW RCF N681 High Tech Compression Driver (c1988) –  https://aboutprosound.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/1988-RCF-N681-2022-03-17-12-22-0010.pdf