EAW VB-125-LR Vented Bass Reproducer (c1979)

VB-125-LR 380 mm (15 inch) Vented Bass Reproducer Data Sheet (c1979)

Until now, vented box cabinets have usually presented the user with unpalatable compromises. If the box were optimally tuned to the characteristics of a par- ticular driver, then it would be difficult to use that box with another, different driver at a later date. In order to get around this, speaker designers developed cabinets which were tuned to a more general, all encompassing set of specifications; hoping the box would be usable in a greater number of circumstances. All they got was a cabinet which sounded mediocre, most of the time. Eastern Acoustic Works has solved this problem by developing an innovative, interchangeabl”e tuning assembly which allows a single cabinet to be used with most of the commercially available bass drivers, while providing optimum performance and response for each of those drivers.

Link for PDF: EAW VB-125-LR Vented Bass Reproducer Data Sheet (c1979)