JBL 2115 8-in Full Range Transducer

Unique in both concept and execution, JBL Model 2115 offers uncolored, natural, wide-range performance superior to that of many two-way monitor systems. Because of its peak-free response and freedom from distortion, the 2115 is recom- mended for top-quality distributed-speaker ceiling installations, in-line arrays, monitoring facilities, and music listening rooms. Unlike other eight-inch loudspeakers, the JBL 2115 maintains substantially uniform efficiency through more than eight octaves. Installed in an enclosure of only 1.5 ft. 3 internal volume, a single 2115 can produce a sound pressure level greater than 85 dB not only at 500 Hz but at 50 or 5,000 Hz as well.

Link fro PDF: https://aboutprosound.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/JBL-2115-8-in.pdf