JBL 2470 1-in Exit Phenolic Compression Driver

Model 2470 is a professional quality compression high frequency driver capable of generating high sound pressure levels, while at the same time providing clear, crisp, natural reproduction of speech or music. It is built to typical JB L standards of precision. Mathematically determined phasing plugs are machined concentric exponential horns to eliminate phase cancellations. Magnetic assemblies are cast and machined to hold tolerances considered impractical by industry standards. Diaphragms of phenolic impregnated linen are virtually indestructable. A ring machined of pure silver is added to the pole piece to increase efficiency at high frequencies, so that this phenolic diaphragm exhibits a frequency response superior to competitive aluminum diaphragms. After manufacture, the frequency response of each driver is tested, and a peak or dip means it is rejected.

Link for PDF: JBL-2470-1-in.pdf