1968 Ampex MM1000 8-16-24 Channel Master Tape Recorder Ad

5 sound reasons why the MM-1000 is your best investment

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1. It’s expandable
Our 8-channel MM-1000 Master Recorder costs from 2 to 4 thousand dollars more than other 8-channel recorders. But with the MM-1000 you can readily expand to 16 or 24 channels. Add-on “kits” enable you to add channels as you need them. Or you can buy the MM-1000-16 or -24 completely checked out and ready-to-go.
2. It’s designed to handle wide tape
The MM-1000 tape transport is designed to handle 1″ and 2″ tape. It’s the same transport that’s now in use on over 3000 Ampex video tape recorders. When you go from I” to 2″ tape, you just change the tape guides and the plug-in head assembly. lets you quickly change from I” for 8 channels to 2″ for 16 or 24 channels.
3. It’s versatile
The MM-1000 offers more standard and optional features than any other master recorder. Tape Motion Sensing for instance. Allows you to change modes without going into stop or without stretching or breaking tape. Automatic Tape Lifters? Yes, and with manual override. Ping Ponging? Sure. Sel-Sync*? Naturally, also remote Sel-Sync. How about Variable Speed Motor Drive Amplifier? Yes again, plus an Electronic Timer with up to 4 remote readouts for pinpoint accuracy. Versatile? You bet!
4. It’s promotable
“New generation” recording capability is built into the MM-1000. The new groups demand this capability and record at the studios that offer it. The MM-1000 is capturing the imagination of these groups, and challenging their creativity. With the MM-1000 you’ll have a promotable edge over studios with past generation equipment.
5. You can pay for it out of current earnings
Our exclusive lease or extended pay plan lets you start using the MM-1000 now, and pay for it out of the extra earnings it will generate – costs as little as $3.96 per studio hour.