1975 Yamaha PM1000 Instrument Ad


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The audience can’t see you. but they hear you.
They depend on you to get that music to them. Un-distorted. Balanced. Correct.
That’s an art.
Presenting the Yamaha PM-1000 16 x 4 mixing con. sole.
A technological wonder.
Chock full of professional controls and features: The exclusive 4 x4 matrix with level controls gives greater control of the sound than by driving speaker amps directly from the bus output.
It’s standard equipment.
Like transformer isolated inputs and outouts. Dual echo send busses. And an input level attenuator that takes +4 dB line level to -60 dB mike level in 11 steps Plus five-frequency equalization.
The PM-1000 keeps you flexible so that an unexpec ted glitch won’t hang you up
It helos you maintain because you know your mixer won’ let you down in the middle of somewhere
We make the PM-1000 for the studio, for the road. and for the stage. We make it right.
Because we think that some of that applause be longs to you.