1976 JBL Ice Cube Amp Ad

Introducing The Ice Cube.

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It can go all day and all night and still keep its cool. Here’s why:
One, there’s a super quiet, thermally activated two-speed fan that runs low most of the time, but kicks into high when the going gets hot. (And, at a short 5¼” tall, The Ice Cube is perfect for stacking.)
Two, there’s an absolutely exclusive 2000-watt solid-state inverter power supply instead of those massive transformers you’re used to.
Total weight: 35 pounds!
There’s more. 300 watts RMS per channel, both channels driven into four ohms from 20Hz to 20 KHz, at .05% or less total harmonic distortion.
Color-coded peak reading lights step up and down so you’re the first to know if it’s clipping.
Go see The Ice Cube. It’s formal name is the JBL 6233 Professional Power Amplifier. Bring $1500 and it’s yours.