1979 Anvil Case Ad

If it doesn’t have an ANVIL… you don’t have a case.

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A lot of musical instrument and amp cases are going around these days trying to pass themselves off as ANVIL® cases. And a few dealers are adding to the confusion by using the word “anvil” to describe cases that may look like ours on the outside but don’t even begin to measure up on the inside.
The fact of the matter is simple: If it doesn’t have the ANVIL on it – it doesn’t have ANVIL’s experience, reputation and quality construction in it.
Sturdy, dependable ANVIL cases are the industry standard – always have been. They’re designed around the delicate equipment they carry and are perfectly balanced for easy handling. They’re dent-proof, scuff-proof, and slippery-fir cered-roadie-proof. And they’re available in just about any color you can name.
So if you want your guitar, synthesizer, cello, drums, amps and sound-reinforcement gear to get to the gig in one piece -depend on ANVIL. We can make a strong case for just about anything