1979 Lexicon 224 Reverb Ad

This new Lexicon reverb brings great sound down to size.
Model 224 reverberation system has the sound, the controls, the compactness you’ve always wanted.

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The remarkable – and remarkably compact – Lexicon 224 digital reverberation system gives you superb sound unmatched by any other system available today – electronic, digital or mechanical. You get smooth, natural decay without coloration.
“wang” or “boing
And you get unprecedented control over all significant reverberation parameters. It’s industry’s first reverb with a built-in control memory thar provides instant push-button recall of previously set effects.
Model 224 saves studio space and is fully portable. Its 5½” × 8″ remote control console puts reverb control righr at the producer’s fingertips.
The system’s high speed digiral processor holds up to eight different programs and requires only 7 inches of rock spoce.
Currently available programs include: concert hall programs with stereo input and four outputs that create the space and depth of a live performance with decoy times of 0.6 seconds to 70 seconds; acoustic chamber programs that provide sound equal to the best reverberation chambers; plate programs that outperform the highest qualiry reverberation plates or other mechanical devices with full control of all parameters including pre delay of up to 256 milliseconds.
Model 224. A major advance from Lexicon. Once you’ve heard it, you’ll never war to do another session without it.