1982 EVM LF Loudspeakers Ad

EVM’by Electro-Voice
The low-frequency loudspeaker

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Electro-Voice EVM™ Series I loudspeakers represent the ultimate in maximum efficiency, low-frequency speaker design. Years of experience, testing and refinement have resulted in a series of loudspeakers that are ideally suited for professional high-level, high-quality musical instrument and sound reinforcement systems.
Series II speakers incorporate many unique and innovative refinements that result in a loudspeaker that combines incredibly high power handling capability, efficiency and mechanical durability.
All EVM’s are conservatively rated at 200 continuous wat:s per EIA Standard RS-426A. This procedure is substantially more stringent than the more common continuous or “RMS” sine wave test, because it provides not only a 200-watt long-term stress (heat) but also duplicates mechanically demanding short duration program peaks of up to 800 watts which can destroy speaker cones and suspension parts
EVM’s are the ideal speaker for vented and horn-type enclosures. They are also featured in Electro-Voice’s TL line of optimally-vented low-frequency systems. TL enclosure builder’s plans are also available for custom construction, and each VM data sheet contains the Thiele/Small parameters which allow you to predict the large and small signal performance in vented boxes.
For these and other reasons not the least of which is an unmatched record of reliability, VM’s have been universally accepted by sound consultants, contractors and touring sound companies. When specifying a low-frequency loudspeaker, there really is no other choice.
EVM – by Electro-Voice.