2015 EAW Adaptive Ad

Make everyone happy.
Even the neighbors.

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The rig almost defies gravity with the sound staying put exactly where you want it. The place was sold out every night and everyone in the venue had nothing but positive things to say… and we didn’t hear a peep from the neighbors – exactly what we were looking for.
Jason Decter – FOH Engineer, Bassnectar, at Red Rods Amphitheater

The goal of any production is to make everyone happy. Artist. Audience. Promoter. Crew.
And now more than ever – the neighbors.
To uniformly cover the audience with breathtaking audio that easily meets the volume demands of the production is one thing. Staying within the limits of local noise ordinances is another thing entirely. But Adaptive Systems™ from EAW do all of that at once. In seconds. With only the click of a mouse.
For a typical Adaptive System, EAW Resolution™ software harnesses the power of thousands of discretely controlled audio components to perfectly match any three-dimensional coverage requirement while simultaneously minimizing levels outside the venue. Everyone is happy. Every time.
Find out more about EAW’s game changing Adaptive Systems at eaw.com/products/adaptive.