1983 Jensen Transformers Ad

If you demand absolutely the best audio transformer, insist on a Jensen!

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Choose From a Wide Variety of Types and Packages
• Microphone Input
• Microphone Bridging
• Line Input
• Direct Box
• Low Frec. Crossover
• Electret Mic Output
• Bridging
• Repeat Coil
• Line Output
• Special Types
• M.C. Can.
Step-up Superb specifications, consistent performance, and unsurpassed reliability have earned Jensen a solid reputation as the world’s preeminent manufac turer of audio transformers.
We control every facet of design and construc tion, from core alloy up, using sophisticated computer modeling techniques. With 5 years software development background, including an AC circuit analysis for Hewlett-Packard’s 9845 desk top com. puter, we now market our own advanced circuit optimization programs. Because Jensen transformers are designed to function as an integral part of the circuit, not as an afterthought, all parameters can be optimized. The result is a clearly audible improvement in transformer technoiogy. For example, our Model JE-115k-E mic input transformer has under 1% overshoot with no RC damping network (bridged output), and exceptional magnitude and phase response.