1989 Martin Audio F2 Ad

Make Your Life Easier

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The touring sound business isn’t easy. It never has been.
To keep your edge, you’ve got to have a flexible efficient system that offers the most output per dollar. And above all, it’s got to sound great.
When designing the F2, we took all these needs into consideration. The result is a highly versatile, super efficient, reconfigurable two box horn loaded system.
A key feature of the F2 is the innovative Top Box, which is a
“rack mount” cabinet that holds horn/driver modules in combinations, or multiples of the same type. This allows you the ability to configure your system for short, medium or long throw applications in record time. The powerful F2B Bass Box offers outstanding performance, making the use of a separate sub bass system optional, saving more time and money.
The unique column array design of the F2 produces more output than any other flying system at any price. It’s our way of making the touring sound business just a little bit easier.