JBL 2135 15-in Extended Range Transducer

Model 2135 is a high-power professional quality 15-inch transducer capable of generating extremely high sound pressure levels while at the same time providing clear, natural reproduc- tion of speech or music. It is ideally suited for custom-designed clusters, distributed-speaker ceiling installations, or as the low frequency transducer of two-way systems. In the last appl ica- tion, its full-range response provides valuable back-up capability in the event of failure of the high frequency transducer. Depending on desired tonal balance and directional charac- teristics, Model 2135 de!ivers excellent results in horn-loaded enclosures, or in ported or non-ported enclosures having at least 4 cubic feet of internal volume.

Link for PDF: https://aboutprosound.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/JBL-2135-15-in.pdf