Altec 601C, 602C, 605BD Duplex Loudspeaker (c.1965)

Altec ‘Duplex’ ® Loudspeakers are two-way transducers, consisting of magnetically, electrically, and mechanically independent high and low frequency units, mounted within one physical frame, to provide the quality advantages of a professional two- way speaker system in a compact form. Every Altec Duplex Loudspeaker is guaranteed to meet or exceed its published specifications stating its capability to reproduce the entire audible range of sound, when mounted in the correct enclosure. The efficiency, power handling capacity, and extremely wide response of these units make each an ideal choice for both single-source (high-level) and distributed (low-level) sound systems. The minimal distortion, wide range, smooth response, and excellent distribution characteristics assure perfect audio reproduction of speech and music for all PA, sound reinforcement, or background music installations — in addition to providing highest quality monitoring of broadcast and recording material for the largest studios.

Link for PDF: Altec 601C, 602C, 605BD Duplex Loudspeaker (c.1965) Data