EAW BH-800LR Bent Bass Horn & MR-102-LR Mid-Bass Horn Data Sheet (c1980)

BH-800LR Bent Bass Horn Reproducer & MR-102-LR Horn Loaded Mid-Bass Reproducer
Data Sheet (c1980)

BH-800-LR Bass Horn
This bent horn reproducer was designed to eliminate the compromises in performance that plague most of the folded or straight designs currently favored by competitors. Using a specially developed proprietary thin laminated birch hardwood, EA W developed a horn with a complex expansion characteristic in two dimensions to achieve a truly exponential flare rate in the critical throat region. This throat is constructed as a sub-assembly and all voids are filled with a set-in-place polyurethane foam that provides maximum wall stiffness while damping any incipient resonances in the structure.

MR- 102-LR Mid-Bass Reproducer
This exponential horn provides high output at low distortion throughout the critical mid band that contains fundamental voice energy, and is typically the weakest link in previous horn loaded systems.
The MR- 102-LR is an exponential horn with a 175 Hz cut-off frequency at the lower limit and a maximum operating frequency of 1,600 Hz.
A proprietary center displacement plug maintains the exponential expansion rate throughout the throat region. This plug allows a proper throat cross-section to optimize the smoothness of response over the full frequency bandwidth of the horn. A side benefit of this design is that the plug reduces throat size with a corresponding increase in efficiency. The plug also blocks any spurious high-frequency spikes from the driver’s dust cap from entering the horn.

Link for PDF: EAW BH-800LR Bent Bass Horn & MR-102-LR Mid-Bass Horn Data Sheet (c1980)